Dr. Frank J. Lucero

Frank J. Lucero, Ph.D., 27J Education Foundation board memberDr. Frank J. Lucero comes to 27J as a retired educator and is happy to volunteer his services to this progressive and growing school district. Frank feels that he will be most helpful for the 27J Foundation as a grant writer and feels he can be useful to administrators and teachers in searching for resources which will guide the district to continually deliver an excellent academic program. He is happy to serve.

Dr. Lucero is married to Dr. Elena Sandoval-Lucero who is Vice President at Front Range Community College Boulder County Campus in Longmont, Colorado. Frank has previously served the students of Colorado as a teacher, principal, superintendent of schools, and professor/administrator at a local university. Frank was blessed with two kids, Francisco (Kiko) is 39, has two children and lives in Eaton, Colorado. Monica, 37 has one child and also lives in Eaton, Colorado.